- Gathering -

The current version of Gathering is v. 1.3 and can be downloaded here:

(Gathering 1.2)

Gathering depends on the current version of Java.
(Please note that using older versions of Java than 8.60 is not supported. The software might not work properly!)
Java can be found here:

(Java 8)

Gathering is not Citavi. Gathering is free, easy to use - and looks great!

Gathering is a free reference-management software to support your research.
It was implemented in 2015 and released on Christmas that year.
Gathering is built on the brand new Java 8 release and uses cutting-edge technologies (like JavaFX8).
It is the developers' hope that Gathering might support your hard work in research over the next years. Please feel free to ask for changes and report bugs!

- Manage your literature table.
- Create an outline of your article's structure.
- Add quotations to your literature entries and...
- ...link them to your article's chapters.
- Use tags to organize your literature.
- Link PDF files to articles in your literature table.
- Drag RIS files directly to your table.
- Export structure outline and literature to DOCX.
- Set your own citation style for exports.
- Save structure outlines to XML files.
- Use the Gathering Word Plugin!
- Get the Gathering Chrome Extension!

The software's design aims at improving usability. Every task can be performed via simple DragAndDrop. Just try!

There exists a Chrome Extension that can be used with Gathering. The extension
searches web sites you visit for literature information and sends them to you Gathering database.

Note that this feature is still in beta testing. Your copy of Gathering will support future versions
of the extension as far as possible. The extension itself is still limited as to the number of literature entries recognized.

Get the extension here!

There is a Plugin for Microsoft Word you can use with Gathering. This enables you to directly insert quotations from Gathering into your Word document.

Gathering Word Plugin

Gathering's core was implemented by Christopher Rudoll in 2015.
For change requests, bug reports and compliments mail to: developer[at/]gathering-sw.de.